The Way In… Is the Way Out

As we humans have cocooned ourselves away, it seems nature is taking a long, deep, delicious breath.  Allowing myself to slow down during this time, I’m finding old, buried, outmoded beliefs and feelings about myself showing up to be witnessed, healed and transformed.  At the same time I have been intrigued by the story of the caterpillar and the chrysalis. It speaks to what is being asked of us, individually and as a culture.  

What happens in the chrysalis?  The caterpillar allows itself to literally be dissolved, offering its cells to be transformed into something new, though it knows not what.  From the caterpillar’s perspective it is the end of everything.  From the perspective of the dream of nature, a gorgeous new creation becomes possible.  

For those of us cocooned away, we have a choice as to how we use this opportunity.  Do we seek endless distractions to while away the time or do we allow ourselves to dive deep, to let go of what no longer serves us and harvest the riches of our inner being.  Do we avoid all the uncomfortable feelings that might want to emerge in the quiet of this space or do we lean into them and listen to the whispers of our soul?  Perhaps we might engage in the difficult yet empowering process of reviewing our values and beliefs, our actions and reactions, our own contribution to this culture.  

Like the cells of the caterpillar we can surrender to a process larger than ourselves. 

Nature is moving us, as a culture, into the chrysalis right now.  I’m aware of all the theories about the spread of Covid 19 being part of a conspiracy or the result of ineptitude, any of which may have some merit.  However the disease can only flourish in an environment so profoundly out of balance.  Our culture’s gluttonous disregard for reciprocity with nature has created the perfect breeding ground for dis-ease on every level.  Nature is becoming more insistent that we pause and consider, that we review and question, that we dismantle and transform outmoded and inequitable systems; those based on unsustainable economic growth, politics for hire and the religion of technology.  She calls us, like the caterpillar, to trust and face our fear of loss and dissolution.  In this way we can sustain our precious, natural, living world as well as our own survival.  

I know we may yearn to get back to “normal”, to distract ourselves until we can return to “business as usual”.  But the stakes are too great and the dream of the butterfly calls to us.  It begins with each of us.  While individually we don’t have any control over culture, what we contribute matters.  Like the cells of the caterpillar we can surrender to a process larger than ourselves.  We can foster beliefs, values and behaviors that reflect reciprocity.  By engaging heart-connected love and compassion we nourish and transform our relationships; with ourselves, with each other and with the natural world. In community, with our wondrous creativity, ingenuity and collaboration, we have the potential to become a winged creature who moves in harmony with the living world.  

 I feel inspired by this opportunity to wake up together.  If you would like company and support on this journey here are some resources.  I’ve created a webinar course called “Into the Chrysalis – a time to befriend ourselves”.  Cocooned away at home we have the chance to harvest the nourishment of this primary relationship that determines the quality of every area in our life and of all those around us.  You might also like to check out my upcoming interview on “Emotional Wisdom – How the world speaks through us” which is part of the “Spark your Divine Feminine” online conference.  

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