Live the luminous path of Heart

Life and Relationship Coaching, Shamanic Healing, Retreats and Teaching Programs
with Prema Sheerin

If you are ready to

Listen to the knowing of the Heart
Love and respect who you really are
Learn how to make your mind your friend
Feel the wisdom of your emotions
Align your dreams with the dreams of the Divine
Unfurl the gifts you’ve been given to offer

It would be my honor and joy to support and guide you on your journey of discovery, healing, and transformation. As a healer and a coach I am a guide, a conduit, teacher, a champion, a truth-teller and a believer in the innate wholeness of every living being. I create a safe, loving, sacred space in which you can connect to the source of wisdom, guidance and inspiration within and around you. Here you rekindle your relationship with your heart, with your loved ones, with community and with the natural world around you. You reconnect to the knowing of the heart and the courage to follow it’s guidance.




Life, health and relationship challenges are an invitation to engage with the lessons that life is presenting, to expand our awareness, to reveal areas of personal blindness, to open to new learning or to change our direction in life.

Do you sometimes feel…

• A longing for deeper connection to yourself, to your community, to the divine?
• Frustrated or compromised by a health challenge?
• Uninspired or overwhelmed by your life?
• Fearful of the transitions that face you?
• Torn apart by a profound loss?
• Inertia or procrastination about moving ahead with dreams or projects that you care about?
• A yearning to wake up and make the most of this life?



No matter where you find yourself right now, I will meet you there, and the journey begins...


Traditional Shamanic Healing


Healing and wellness is about restoring balance.   It is about restoring the balance between heart and mind, so that the mind takes it’s rightful place as an effective assistant to the guiding wisdom and vision of the heart. It is the balanced experience and expression of our emotions so that they become a source of wisdom, a way to listen to the world around us and to respond effectively.   Restoring balance means to reawaken our relationship with the living, natural world, with the very forces that have brought us into existence.

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Life Coaching

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Coaching with Prema is about experiencing love and respect for your own divine nature, knowing the wisdom and guidance of the heart, and revealing the unique gifts you have to offer. Grounded in this experience, you naturally feel connected; to your Self and your path, to your loved ones and community, and to the natural, living world around you. It is this sense of connection and fulfillment that we long for

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“Prema is a masterful teacher and an extraordinary human being. She lovingly delivers deep wisdom with gentle humor – and a backbone when needed. The tools and knowing she provides are timeless and effective life gifts that change and grow as you do. Thank you Prema, for bringing your powerful work to the world at a time when it is so needed.”
Andi Tilmann, Consultant

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Sky of the Heart Preserve

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The Sky of the Heart Preserve is the home of four traditional healers, two men and two women who have been initiated as mara åkames after years of apprenticeship in the Huichol medicine path. We offer ongoing retreats and workshops. We hold that: Our sustainable future is rooted in traditional indigenous wisdom. To be fully human is to live from the knowing of the heart. As initiated healers ( Mara åkate ) we promote the re-emergence of the sacred in everyday life. We cultivate awareness of the common heart through connection with all our relations – both seen and unseen.

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Letting Go Guided Journey

Heart Awareness Journey

Peaceful Dying Project