Live the luminous path of Heart

Life and Relationship Coaching, Traditional Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Lineage Healing, Dream Tending and Rituals of Transition

If you are ready to

Listen to the knowing of your Heart

Love and respect who you really are

Learn how to make your mind your friend

Unfurl the gifts you’ve been given to offer

Experience deeper connection and belonging

Receive love, guidance and inspiration from other-than-human Allies

It would be my honor and joy to support and guide you on your journey of discovery, healing, and transformation.  As a healer and a coach I am a guide, a conduit, teacher, a champion, a truth-teller and a believer in the innate wholeness of every living being.  I create a safe, loving, sacred space in which you can connect to the source of wisdom, guidance and inspiration within and around you.  Here you rekindle your relationship with your heart, with your loved ones and community and with the natural world around you.  You reconnect to the knowing of the heart and the courage to follow it’s guidance.

Life, health and relationship challenges are an invitation to engage with the lessons that life is presenting, to expand our awareness, to reveal areas of personal blindness, to open to new learning or to change our direction in life. No matter where you find yourself right now, I will meet you there, and the journey begins

Life Coaching

Coaching with Prema is about experiencing love and respect for your own divine nature, knowing the wisdom and guidance of the heart, and revealing the unique gifts you have to offer.  Grounded in this experience, you naturally feel connected; to your Self and your path, to your loved ones and community, and to the natural, living world around you.  You forge and nourish relationships with allies, both human and Spirit, who offer support, protection and guidance to meet the inevitable challenges of life.  In this way you cultivate the sense of belonging and fulfillment that make life worth living.


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Ancestral Lineage Healing

What if you discovered you have wise, benevolent and loving ancestors who care about your wellbeing?  We have lost touch with the rituals of care, healing and maintenance that allow our ancestors to become vibrant and healthy guides who, in turn, are fully invested in supporting us to thrive and manifest our gifts in this life. Much of the suffering and disconnection we experience comes from the unmetabolized burdens and trauma handed down from generation to generation.  When we create relationship with the wisdom and support of our vibrant and well ancestral elders, we open to a transformative resource for personal, family and cultural healing.



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Traditional Shamanic Healing

Healing is about restoring balance and relationship.   It brings us home to the heart as our source of guidance and wholeness.  It asks our mind to take it’s rightful place as an assistant and friend to that inner knowing.  From this place of heart-connected awareness we can attend to the personal and ancestral trauma that we carry with care, love and curiosity.  As we re-member our inherent worth and joy our organism can return to  it’s own healthy equilibrium.  .  This allows us to rekindle relationships of respect and reciprocity with ourselves, with other people and with the other-than-human beings who sustain and guide us.


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Dream Tending

Dream tending is a deep dive into  relationship with our own soul and the soul of the living world around us.  While the figures we encounter in our dreams may be aspects of our own psyche, dream tending invites us into a deeper relationship with these beings as souls in their own right.  Many of the beings we meet in our dreams, even the frightening ones, come to us as teachers, allies, guardians or ancestors.  In cultivating our connection with them we open to a world of wisdom, guidance, emotional nourishment and belonging that reverberates through our waking life.

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Willow Moon Farm

Willow Moon Farm, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina,  is a home for healing, ceremony, music and building relationship with the living natural world through deep listening, respect and gratitude.  Come for a personal healing retreat, designed specifically for your needs or, if you live in the Asheville area, get on our list to hear about all the events and celebrations of the sacred that happen here.


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Death and Dying

Whether you are seeking support around your own transition of death, or grieving the loss of a loved one, Prema is there as a compassionate witness and guide.  She sits on the elder council for the Center for Conscious Living and Dying, an organization devoted to providing guidance, practical support and resources to navigate death and other major transitions of life.  Prema is available for counsel

for the living and rituals of care for the souls of the dead.


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Letting Go Guided Journey

Heart Awareness Journey

Finding Courage in the Face of Fear