Befriend Your Emotions to Access Their Wisdom and Guidance

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These days I find myself teetering between heart-rending grief and heart-mending love, between gut-churning fury and tender compassion. There is so much loss to grieve in the current climate: the destruction of precious ecosystems and entire species, the injustice perpetrated on innocent people in service of greed and bigotry. Yet there is so much to […]

The Way In… Is the Way Out

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As we humans have cocooned ourselves away, it seems nature is taking a long, deep, delicious breath.  Allowing myself to slow down during this time, I’m finding old, buried, outmoded beliefs and feelings about myself showing up to be witnessed, healed and transformed.  At the same time I have been intrigued by the story of […]

The Four Gatekeepers of Speech

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Expressing ourselves with clarity and compassion can be really challenging sometimes. There are those times when, fueled by enthusiasm or anger, you spontaneously say something and feel oh-so-awful afterwards. Or those times when you are sitting there wondering to yourself “should I say it or not?” I lived in an ashram for many years where […]