Transform Your New Year’s Resolution Into Your Heart’s Intention

New Years resolutions just don’t work for me.  First there’s the dour process of deciding what to be resolved about.  Then there’s the struggle to remember and impose my resolve.  And finally, there’s the sense of guilt when I invariably simply forget all about my resolution after a few short weeks or months. I acknowledge the benefit of starting the new year with good intentions, but I don’t find those “resolutions” to be very effective.  

For a start, they always seem to be based on something that our mind considers is ‘wrong’ with us and needs to be fixed.  So they begin with the assumption that we are flawed.  Then, the ego-mind attempts to assert discipline and control over the fixing of the problem. Finally, when we fail to follow through on this uninspiring project, the resulting sense of failure reinforces the idea of our inadequacy. 

So why not replace those lackluster resolutions with something more connected and inspiring:  The Heart’s Intention? 

You might consider replacing what you think you should resolve to do with what your heart is calling you forth to.

Most of us know instinctively that our heart gives rise to our deeper guiding wisdom and vision.  And yet we have all been taught, since we were toddlers, that we should use our mind to make the decisions (and resolutions) that determine our lives.  But what our mind thinks we want or need is very often based on a sense of lack and a desire for anything that will fill that void and make us feel whole.   

The heart is already full and connected to the divine presence and direction in our life.  When we drop down beneath the yearning, clinging and resistance of the ego-mind, we can reveal the true sense of guidance and the intentions that are based upon our heart-connected values.   

So, as we approach the new year, you might consider replacing what you think you should resolve to do with what your heart is calling you forth to.  Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Create some quiet time and space to connect with your heart.  Lighting a candle is a great way to bring forth the sense of the sacred 
  • Let go of any preconceptions about what you “should” or “should not” be doing in your life 
  • Focus on the things you are grateful for in your life or on the people (both human and otherwise) that you love.  Do this until you feel the presence of your heart 
  • Honor that presence of the heart as a source of wisdom and guidance 
  • Ask your heart “What are you calling me forth to in my life?” 
  • You can also ask “What next step would you like me to take” 
  • It might also be that your heart’s intention is a state of being rather than an action or direction.   
  • Notice what images or words or feelings arise as you do this 
  • Don’t worry if there is just stillness.  Often the gift of connecting to our heart is a sense of peace and stillness 
  • Honor whatever arises, even if you don’t understand it with your mind 

In this way you can imbue the new year with a sense of connection to a deeper guidance rather than with the mind driven agenda for what you think you should do.  

It can be very helpful to be guided through this process.  If you would like some support in revealing your heart’s intention you might like to join me for Replace your New Years resolution with the Heart’s Intention, a 2 hour playshop and guided meditation to reveal the guidance of your heart.  Saturday, Dec 30th at 2.00 pm eastern / 11.00 am pacific. 

For more information and to register.

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