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Emotional Wisdom – 7 week online course

October 7, 2020 @ 5:00 pm - November 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Flow with change and experience the Divine guidance of your feelings


We’re living in a cultural storm surge with currents of potent emotion swirling above and below the surface. Everything has gone viral: the pandemic, polarized politics, social injustice, climate change and the destruction of ecosystems across the planet.


If we really allow ourselves to feel it can seem as though we’re drowning in grief, consumed by anger or paralyzed by fear. Then, overwhelmed, we go numb or distract ourselves.  Or we feel guilty if we are happy or joyful at this time.
What if all these feelings are a source of intuitive insight, the wise promptings that offer guidance about how to navigate these stormy times?

We strive to feel the love, compassion and gratitude that we know uplift and heal. However each one of our emotions, including grief, anger and fear, has a vital role to play in our wellbeing. If we deny their life- giving wisdom we pay a price. That blocked energy will find expression in physical symptoms, over-thinking and addictions of all kinds. All this unprocessed feeling leads to us getting  ‘triggered’ and reacting in ways that we later regret.

What if you could access and listen to the sacred, life-affirming energy contained within the full range of your emotions? To experience them as a source of inherent wisdom rather than as confusing or out of control?

In our culture we label certain emotions as “positive” and others “negative” and we learn to control or distract ourselves from uncomfortable feelings. If we are not happy we can feel that we are failing. This is the source of much of our stress, illness and depression. When an emotion does become toxic or ‘negative’ it is because it has been amplified, suppressed or distorted by the ego-mind. Feeling the full range of our emotions and expressing them in a balanced way is an essential part of a healthy life.  Our feelings are a profound form of listening to the world around us and their wise promptings are part of our heart-connected guidance.

“This workshop was deeply transforming for….my life and my relationships….The tools and knowing (Prema) provides are timeless and effective life gifts that change and grow as you do.”


Join Prema Sheerin for this 7 week online course in which you will:
  • Experience the resilience, fluidity and courage that come from feeling and expressing your balanced, responsive emotions.
  • Learn how to be with, listen to, and navigate the so-called “negative” emotions of fear, anger and grief.
  • Discover how your feelings can open you to a whole other way of listening.
  • Recognize how to distinguish between the emotions that empower you to respond effectively to life and the reactive ones that are amplified by the desires and fears of the ego-mind.
  • Find out how to set and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Learn ways to navigate your “triggered” emotional experiences.
  • Discover how your emotions reveal your most deeply cherished values.
  • Expand your experience of emotion from a personal, psychological affect to the experience of Divine energy moving within and around us.


“I felt the reality as well as the mystery of the divine guiding me from within through my feelings”



7 consecutive Wednesdays from October 7th through November 18th  


5.00 to 7.00 PM US eastern, 2.00 PM Pacific, 10.00 PM UK, 7.00 AM Tuesday Australian east coast


Classes will be conducted via video conference using the zoom platform which allows participation via computer or phone.  Each class with be recorded and emailed to you within 48 hours so if you are not able to make any of the classes in person you will not miss out.  In this way you can also review any of the modules in the future.  You will also receive written and audio resources along with class recordings.

Tuition and Payment Options:

In appreciation of the challenges presented by Covid 19 I have flexible options for tuition.  If you are able, I will gratefully receive your full tuition.  If that is not feasible you can take advantage of a sliding scale to pay whatever you feel you can manage down to a minimum of $125.  Can’t pay all at once?  You are also welcome to set up a payment plan that can work for you.


Register for the full tuition of $225

Pay Now

Register with sliding scale by ‘donating’ whatever you can afford down to $125

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Or click here to arrange for a payment plan that works for you


What participants have said :


“Prema is a masterful teacher and an extraordinary human being. She lovingly delivers deep wisdom with gentle humor – and a backbone when needed. This workshop was deeply transforming for me….In fact, I have taken it twice, and will again if ever I get the chance. The tools and knowing she provides are timeless and effective life gifts that change and grow as you do. Thank you Prema, for bringing your powerful work to the world at a time when it is so needed.”

Andi Tilmann

“This workshop has been one of the most useful I have experienced. The simple techniques Prema shared with us are invaluable tools….Prema is a wealth of wisdom and she imparts that wisdom and insight in such a clear and comprehensive manner. With playful interludes and with the voice of an angel I thoroughly enjoyed how she led me through some profound inner journeys. I truly wish that many will reap the wonderful rewards of participating in this workshop.”

Wanda Hatfield

“This workshop is powerful and simply beautiful. I came away with tools that allow me to be with my experience, to bear witness to it, without judgment. It has helped me to listen to my feelings and allow them to inform me in my daily life. This is such an essential and helpful process.”

Alice Langley

“I am filled with gratitude for this wonderful workshop! It brought alive for me the divine presence of each emotion within; they become real for me and not simply an intellectual concept or interpretation. Above all, I felt the reality, as well as the mystery, of the divine guiding me from within through my feelings.”

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October 7, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
November 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

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