LifeCycle Living

In our headlong rush toward technological progress and increased productivity, our culture has lost touch with the natural cycles of life that sustain us. Life moves with powerful and inexorable cyclic energies. Living with an awareness of these cycles allows a sense of connection to the natural world, allowing us to lead more balanced, empowered lives.


When we align with life’s natural cycles we discover that life becomes easier and more fulfilling. For exampleeach stage of our life has an important role to play in producing gifts and opportunities, as long as we understand how to identify them. Ancestral traditions understood this explicitly and worked to maintain this awareness for the benefit of everyone in the community.


The Sacred Fire Community is helping to reintroduce this awareness so that we can all, once again, benefit from these vibrant life currents.


Prema and Dan Sprinkles, both presenters for the Sacred Fire Community, will be offering this program together.


Save the Date!


Shropshire, UK


Saturday August 4th 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM and Sunday August 5th 9.30 AM till 12.30 PM

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