Workshop Testimonials

What people have said. . .

 . . . about Prema’s coaching:

Prema Sheerin is a woman of wisdom. Her program is beautifully balanced with humor, wide scholarship, profound meditations, joyful movement, and deep heart. She brings a capacity for listening deeply, even between the words spoken, and responds from a place of carefully tended intuition. In her program she holds a place for healing to occur at many levels. This workshop is an invaluable exploration of life’s transitions and I recommend it most highly. 

Sherry Boatright

 This workshop changed my life.  I recommend it to everyone who is willing, or called, to be with deep change in their lives.  I learned that letting go is a good thing, that it makes way for a new way of being. I learned a profound process for taking care of myself as I move through change.  And Prema’s wonderful way of receiving and answering questions let me know I was being deeply heard, held and respected.  I recommend this teaching with a full heart.   

River Grace DeHart