Opening to Divine Movement
The Way of Transition

Life is made up of change and transition. Whether it is a simple shift of awareness or a profound metamorphosis, a deep loss or a joyous celebration, change is an integral part of our daily experience. To move through the natural and inevitable cycles of life with acceptance and grace we must learn how to embrace change.

And yet we often feel overwhelmed, fearful and frustrated in the face of transition.

The indigenous traditions of the world have always had the wisdom of their elders and specific rituals to guide their peoples through times of transition. These traditions all teach one fundamental truth: that our heart is the portal connecting us to the Divine; that it is the source of our wisdom about how to respond authentically and effectively to life. However, in our modern culture, we have lost touch with our rituals and forgotten how to listen to the guidance of our own heart. The Lifeways Transitions program brings us back to our own heart-knowing and the life-skills that support us to flow with change and to align with Divine movement.

In this 2-day experiential journey that includes discussion, ritual, contemplation and prayer, you will delve into five principles that allow you to:

  • Learn a ritual that connects you to your own heart
    so that it can be your compass during times of change.

  • Open to the Divine energy contained within each
    transition rather than resist it.

  • Embrace and unfold the learning that each transition offers and
    acknowledge the gifts that it may provide.

  • Discover the power of grieving and letting go,
    of trusting in yourself and in the Divine.

  • Reach out to your loved ones and community
    to receive the support you need.

When we flow with transition in this way we make peace with our life, we open to the rich possibilities that each phase provides and we move into alignment with the Divine.

What participants have said:

“Prema Sheerin is a woman of wisdom. Her program is beautifully balanced with humor, wide scholarship, profound meditations, joyful movement, and deep heart. She brings a capacity for listening deeply, even between the words spoken, and responds from a place of carefully tended intuition. In her program she holds a place for healing to occur at many levels. This workshop is an invaluable exploration of life’s transitions and I recommend it most highly.”

– Sherry Boatwright

“What a great thing it was so to do the “Transitions” workshop!  I remember saying to a fiend at the end how I didn’t really know if anything had happened even though I totally loved being there.  I think it was only a week later that my father died.  My friend said to me then:  ‘do you still think nothing happened at the transitions workshop?’  I want to thank you for the magical and powerful nature of your work.  It totally prepared me for what was to come – I was able to really throw myself into the process and the practices.  What a gift.  What a mystery!”

– Jacqueline Murphy

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