Free Emotional Wisdom Class

As coaches one of the foundational principles of our coaching is to acknowledge and be present to the authentic emotions of our clients.  Yet many of us have a hard enough time feeling and listening to our own emotions, let alone have the skills to truly support our clients to do that.

Would you like to take your coaching deeper?

A very large proportion of the imbalances and issues that our clients present to us about their lives (whether it be in career, relationship, health etc) are directly related to their inability to acknowledge, feel and express their emotions in a balanced and healthy way.

My name is Prema Sheerin and I would love to engage with you in an exploration of how our emotions hold a profound wisdom that allows us to listen to and respond effectively to each situation that life presents.  Each of our core emotions offer us both a message about what life is presenting to us in the moment as well as a practical movement that inspires us to respond appropriately to the situation.

Register now for a free teleclass on Thursday May 16th at 8.30 pm US eastern in which we will explore emotional wisdom as a potent ally in your coaching and in your life.

“Prema’s knowledge, wisdom and experience in the domain of emotions is a gift. I participated in her workshop and gained so much. From learning about some of my own blocks around certain emotions, to experiencing how the emotions naturally flow through us as an extension of something bigger than ourselves, I feel better equipped as a coach to hold the space for my clients’ expressions. Participating in Prema’s workshop has allowed me to deepen my capacity to help my clients navigate their emotions, and thus, be more effective in assisting them towards their goals.”

                                                                      Theresa Horan, ACC

Why “wisdom” instead of “intelligence”?

I say wisdom instead of intelligence because “intelligence” holds the implicit message that emotion is really just a function of a personal psychological experience.  I’ve spent a lot of time studying with and hanging out with indigenous peoples and one thing that really strikes me is that they don’t talk much about emotion at all.  But that is not because they don’t feel, or because they suppress their feelings.  It’s because they experience emotion as a form of listening to the world and to their own heart.  They know that the energy of their emotions holds a wisdom that is beyond just having a personal psychological event.

We talk a lot about listening to our heart and to our gut but what does that actually entail?  It has a lot to do with feeling our emotion.  So I would like to take you on a journey of experiencing emotion as a deep form of listening, as holding a profound wisdom about how to respond to and move in the world. Each of our core emotions offer us both a message about what life is presenting to us in the moment it arises as well as a practical movement that inspires us to respond appropriately to the situation.

What does this mean for your work with your clients?

When you master this way of listening to the language and wisdom of emotion you are able to support your clients to:

  • Listen to the important information that their feelings reveal to them about each life situation.
  • Allow their balanced emotional expression to guide them in effectively responding to each situation.
  • Help free them from the stuck places in their life that are very often a function of unacknowledged and suppressed feelings.
  • Distinguish between the authentic balanced expression of emotion and the suppressed or amplified emotional expression that is distorted by the mind.

And what does it hold for your coaching?  Engaging with your own emotional wisdom allows you to:

  • Be more comfortable and confident in holding space for and engaging with your clients’ authentic emotion.
  • Use your own feelings to listen more deeply and instinctively to what is beneath what they are actually saying.  This always allows the session to go deeper.
  • Have practical tools to engage with each of the primary emotions.
  • Respond to your own life in a more effective way!

I’ll be offering a 6-week course beginning in June in which you’ll receive in-depth training in how to use emotional wisdom as a potent ally in your coaching and in your life.  Click here to find out more.

Or join me for the one-hour free teleclass in which we’ll explore some really useful basic information that you can use right away.

Can’t make the class?  All registered participants will receive the recording via email.

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“This was such a helpful workshop!  One of the things it drove home for me is how much our thinking, behavior and energy are affected by the feelings we don’t accept and how energizing and informative it can be when we do listen to them. Although I considered myself quite competent in this area, I came away with a deeper understanding and a lot more tools to help my clients get unstuck and inspired about their vision.   Prema really knows her stuff and creates a safe and inspiring space for learning.”

                                                     Jenna Hanson, LCSW


About Prema

Prema Sheerin, CPCC, has been coaching in organizations and private practice since 1990 and has worked with thousands of clients.  She teaches workshops internationally and conducts programs and retreats with her husband at their home in Asheville, North Carolina.  Prema is steeped in the Vedic teachings of yoga and meditation and in 2007 she was initiated as a marakame, or shaman, in the indigenous Huichol tradition of Mexico, having done an apprenticeship of over 7 years of instruction and pilgrimage.  Prema heads the Death and Dying Council for the Sacred Fire Community, an organization whose work includes supporting people through all the major transitions of life.