Emotional Wisdom

Emotional Wisdom

The Divine Presence of Feeling

Would you like to discover the inherent wisdom within your emotions?
Would you like your emotions to be your guide rather than to confuse or mystify you?

Our feelings are a profound source of guidance about how to respond effectively to the situations that life presents. However, in our culture we are taught to label certain emotions “positive” and others “negative” and we learn to subdue uncomfortable feelings or distract ourselves from them. This is the source of much of our depression, suffering and inappropriate behavior. Feeling our emotions and expressing them in a balanced way is an essential part of a healthy life. Our emotions are an integral part of the way we listen to the world and allow ourselves to be guided by the Divine.

“I felt the reality as well as the mystery of the divine guiding me from within through my feelings”

Join Prema Sheerin for this playful exploration in which you will:

• Explore how your feelings are a profound way of listening to the world.

• Remember how to listen to the authentic feelings that are the wise promptings of the heart.

• Explore how to be with, and listen to, challenging emotions.

• Recognize the emotions that are born of the stories and resistance of the ego-mind.

• Learn how to distinguish between the emotions that move you to respond effectively to life and those that are amplified and reactive.

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