The Four Gatekeepers of Speech

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Expressing ourselves with clarity and compassion can be really challenging sometimes. There are those times when, fueled by enthusiasm or anger, you spontaneously say something and feel oh-so-awful afterwards. Or those times when you are sitting there wondering to yourself “should I say it or not?” I lived in an ashram for many years where […]


Heart Awareness Journey

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How do we connect with the vision and guidance of the heart?   Everywhere we turn in popular culture, we are told to “follow your heart” and to manifest your dreams.”  Woven into songs, movies, television and Facebook, it is inescapable.  While we instinctively relate to the essential truth of this, few of us have […]

positive thinking

Why “positive thinking” doesn’t always work and what to do about it

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In seeking guidance about how to navigate life’s challenges, how many times have you been told to engage in positive thinking? A plethora of self-help guides instructs us to overcome our “negative” emotions, by thinking positively and focusing on the outcome we desire, which will “manifest our dreams.” And what could possibly be wrong with “positive […]