What people have said. . .

 . . . about Prema’s healing work:

“I have done a lot of inner work but I found the healing sessions with Prema took me to a level of my being that was not available through the therapy or coaching I had done. Althouh I had intuited some of the things we touched on, I had never been able to consciously access or process them. It was done in such a subtle, gentle and artful way that it slipped under any resistance that I may have had to the process and allowed me to move very naturally into a new way of approaching things. It also amazed me that this could all happen in the form of long-distance treatments! I highly recommend Prema’s work to anyone who has challenging physical, emotional or spiritual issues that are getting in the way of living a full life.”

Maria Connolly

“My work with Prema has been deeply revealing and profoundly healing. I was not aware of the cage I was living in and the rage I held as a result. I am now out of the cage, exploring new avenues of expression within my work. I find myself embarking on my path with a joyous heart and the tools for returning there whenever I need a reminder of Who is really in charge here!”

Sherry Morgan

“It is somewhat of a mystery to me, and yet I realize it is true, that everything I have worked on with Prema has born fruit, from the esoteric to the absolutely specific and mundane. It is not always easy – her style is “cut to the chase” – but it is transformative. There is a gentle, persistent “herding” to the essential heart of the matter. Prema is deeply intuitive, wise and lined up with goodness. Her courage and unspoken fearlessness is something that lends heart to my own struggles along the way.”

Dr. Margaret Allan, MSW, PsyD