Peaceful Dying

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The Peaceful Dying Project

How do you feel about death? What would you need in order to have a peaceful death?

Our culture has taught us that death is isolating, a suffering to be avoided at all cost, an enemy to be vanquished. Our ancestors had a different view: death can be a peaceful, nurturing transition, a step toward the next stage of existence as the cycle continues.

In the Peaceful Dying Project we contemplate and discuss the important issues that naturally arise as we engage with this potent transition. In addition to the class recordings you will receive a Peaceful Dying Project Guidebook and be walked, step by step, through the process of attending to all the elements and practical details that support a peaceful death for you and your loved ones. This includes creating an Advanced Directive or Living Will, appointing a Health Care Power of Attorney, expressing your wishes for what happens at the time of your death, your funeral and burial and creating or amending our will

By relating to both the mystery and the practical aspects of death we create the circumstances to be at peace with this potent transition