The Way of Transition – Being Human in times of great Change

We live in a time of great change and urgency.  The turbulence of a warming climate, the polarity of our social structure, the unravelling of the fabric of community that ties us together.  All this can lead us to a sense of overwhelm, anxiety, frustration or grief.  What resources can we call on to be with the inevitable changes and challenges of our times?


As the cycles of the seasons show us, change and transition are an inevitable and necessary part of life.  For millennia the indigenous peoples and wisdom traditions of the world have had the guidance of their elders and sacred rituals to support their peoples through the cycles, passages and radical transformations of life.  These traditions all teach one fundamental truth:  that our heart is the portal connecting us to the Divine; that it is the source of our wisdom and the compass by which we can navigate the inexorable tides of change.  As modern people we have lost touch with our rituals and forgotten how to listen to the guidance of our heart.


The Sacred Fire Communities Transitions program is designed to return us to our own heart-knowing and provide supportive life-skills enhancing our capacity to flow with change and to align with Divine movement.


In this 2-day experiential journey you will have the opportunity to:


  • Learn an ongoing practice that connects you to the heart as your compass in times of change and transition.
  • Find our courage in the face of fear
  • Appreciate the power of Grief and its importance in allowing us to honor and let go of what must pass.
  • Accept, embrace and manifest the learning that each transition offers and acknowledge the gifts that it may provide.
  • Explore how reaching out and connecting with loved ones and community is a vital part of being supported through transition.


When we respond to change in this way we make peace with the uncertainty of life, we open to the rich possibilities that each phase provides and we move into alignment with the Divine.


 “What a great thing it was so to do the “Transitions” workshop!  I remember saying to a fiend at the end how I didn’t really know if anything had happened even though I totally loved being there.  I think it was only a week later that my father died.  My friend said to me then:  ‘do you still think nothing happened at the transitions workshop?’  I want to thank you for the magical and powerful nature of your work.  It totally prepared me for what was to come – I was able to really throw myself into the process and the practices.  What a gift. What a mystery!”

Jacqueline Murphy

Where: Brighton UK

When: Saturday August 11th 10:00AM till 6:00PM

Sunday August 12th 10:00AM till 4:00PM

To register and for more information contact Prema


Coaching special:

To support the very best integration of the material into your life I offer a 60% reduction on my normal fee for 3 individual coaching sessions.  These are done by phone in the weeks following the workshop and are a great way to deepen the learning and growth.  The 3 sessions are just $150.  You can sign up for this opportunity at the time of the workshop.

“Prema Sheerin is a woman of wisdom. Her program is beautifully balanced with humor, wide scholarship, profound meditations, joyful movement, and deep heart. She brings a capacity for listening deeply, even between the words spoken, and responds from a place of carefully tended intuition. In her program she holds a place for healing to occur at many levels. This workshop is an invaluable exploration of life’s transitions and I recommend it most highly.

Sherry Boatright