The Heart Awareness Journey

Would you like the authentic knowing of your heart to be your guide? Do you feel the call to align with your heart’s vision – your true compass?


We hear so much about “manifesting our dreams”. But how do you know if your dreams are in alignment with your heart’s vision and your true purpose? Many “dreams” are simply desires, born of a sense of lack, and will never create fulfilment – even if realized.


It is in revealing the authentic knowing of the heart, which is always aligned with the Divine, that you find true fulfilment and joy.


“I truly was amazed by the knowledge and clarity that emanated from my own heart. It was both sublime and practical.”


Join Prema Sheerin for this exploration, by a consecrated fire, in which you will:


  • Learn a practice that will guide you to access the heart’s knowing
  • Explore different doorways or portals to heart awareness
  • Learn to distinguish the language of the heart from the mind’s voice
  • Discover how to entrain the mind to serve your heart awareness rather than undermine it.
  • Let go of expectations and attachments to allow your heart’s vision to unfold with mystery and integrity.

You will take away practical ways to forge an abiding relationship with your heart and be guided by it’s wisdom.  


“It is such a gift to realize that I have an endless wealth of knowing inside of me that I now have a tangible way of accessing.”  


Maggie Klippel


When:             Sat July 22nd , 1,30 PM till 9.30 PM


                            Sun July 23rd, 10.00 AM till 5.00 PM


Where:           Mesa, Colorado


Tuition:           $195


Or, for the very best integration of the learning, add 3 personal coaching sessions with Prema. These sessions are offered by phone following the workshop and support you to incorporate the experience of the program into your daily life. These 3 sessions are offered for a total of $150, a 60% reduction of the usual fee, to allow you take advantage of this opportunity.


Workshop plus personal coaching:  $345


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“Even though I have done a lot of healing work in the realm of the heart and emotions, Grace would have it that I….took Prema’s Heart Awareness workshop. Grace because veils I had not even known were there were removed. I was able to see ways in which I had been blinded to my hearts voice. Ways in which I wasn’t honoring and tending to myself. Ways in which I wasn’t listening. Through Prema’s guidance and strong, compassionate wisdom….I felt completely safe and held in sacred space. Some real healing took place for me that weekend, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Karla Refojo

“I received so much from this process! People who are close to me can all feel the excitement and joy that it generated in me. The process is so powerful and important and really works for me in listening to my heart. I can feel it helping to create a beautiful relationship with myself”                                                                                                           

Luna Suniga