Relationship Coaching

Do you long for a loving, respectful and fulfilling relationship?

Most probably you do because human beings are relationship beings.  We need connection.  We have an inherent need for fulfilling, supportive, inspiring and meaningful connections – with our own self, our partner, our friends and our family.  Yet we are given very little guidance in our upbringing as to how to nurture these important relationships.

Can you imagine a relationship in which you honor your most cherished values, feel supported to grow and unfold your gifts, and feel safe to express your deepest feelings and needs?

This experience is available to you.  Whether you are seeking to resolve a crisis, to repair a communication breakdown, to improve an already good relationship, or to find your soul mate, Prema’s work is founded on the experience that this kind of relationship is possible for you.

Contact Prema to find out if her work can help you in having a fulfilling relationship.

Here are some principles of relationship that Prema’s work is based upon.  If these describe the kind of relationship that you are committed to, then Prema’s coaching will support you:

•    We are all connected at the deepest level of awareness and that, when we are in touch with our own heart, authentic and respectful communication is always available.

•    Relationship is a profound path of personal and spiritual growth.  Relationship interactions show us where we need to grow and what we need to learn.  They show us things about ourselves that we would avoid on our own.  So a commitment to learning from the relationship and allowing it to foster growth and transformation is an important element of its health.

•    Commitment is the foundation for the amazing possibilities of trust, love, respect, intimacy and transformation that are available in relationship.  Of course there is a period of time where new partners must explore the relationship and see if it is right for them but ultimately it is only full commitment that creates the safe container for the true integrity of relationship.

•    Authenticity is essential to a healthy relationship.  In our culture we are generally taught that it is easier and less painful to lie than to tell the truth.  However, hiding our feelings or our actions completely undermines the ability of the relationship to provide a safe container for intimacy and transformation.  Authentically expressing our feelings, our needs and our experience is the opening into true connection.

•    Personal responsibility and ownership of our experience is essential in relationship.  Blaming the other and thinking of ourselves as a victim of their behavior is an insidious destructive force in relationship.  Taking responsibility and asking ourselves how we have contributed to the experience or situation is the key to freedom, integrity and connection.

•    Acceptance connects us and judgment and criticism divide us.  Labeling our partner or their behavior as good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse and criticizing them for it is an insidious and divisive process.  Viewing each other without judgment and accepting differences while clearly expressing our feelings and needs is part of the dance of managing inevitable differences in relationship.

•    It is important for each partner to find the right balance for themselves between the need for closeness and intimacy and the need for individual space and growth.  Often we either fear intimacy in relationship or we cling to another because these needs are not recognized or in balance.   Once these needs and fears are recognized they can be transformed into a healthy balance of independence and inter-dependence.

If you relate to these principles and feel that this is what relationship is about for you then contact Prema to have a conversation about how she can support you.

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For couples coaching, my introductory process includes an individual 45-minute session with each partner separately, followed by a 90-minute session together. Following this introductory process, sessions may be purchased individually or as a package.

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