Individual Coaching

Follow your heart

Coaching with Prema Sheerin is a doorway to the authentic wisdom alive within your own heart.

Every one of us has our own unique gifts to offer and purpose to fulfill, along with the wisdom and inner resources to experience a life of meaning and fulfillment.  Conscious coaching allows you to reveal the genuine intentions and guidance that are alive within your own heart.  It supports you to take responsibility for the reality you are experiencing.  It makes clear the distinction between the knowing of the heart and the doubting and grasping of the ego-mind.  Conscious coaching creates powerful shifts in awareness and perspective that attract the circumstances you long for rather than you chasing after them.  It aligns your dreams with the dream of the Divine and allows them to unfold them with magic and integrity.

Do you sometimes feel…

•    A longing for a deeper connection to yourself and your community?
•    Uninspired or overwhelmed by your work?
•    Fearful of the transitions that face you?
•    Frustrated by a health challenge?
•    Inertia or procrastination about moving ahead with dreams and projects that you care about?

Ask yourself , “What is my heart calling me forth to?”
Go on – ask right now.  Take just a moment and reach deep within, beneath the busy-ness and agendas of the mind, and listen carefully.  It’s not always what you expect – it’s a different question than “what do I want?”  You might not receive the answer that your mind thinks is the right one.
What do you notice?

Coaching with Prema allows you to listen in this way.  And when you listen to your heart it always knows what the next step is.  Even when your mind is confused or mystified because it doesn’t have access to the whole picture.   Your heart knows what you need in order to come into alignment with the Divine and with the circumstances that will truly fulfill you.  Conscious coaching is about connecting you to this wisdom that is alive within so you can live a life rich with meaning and true freedom.

Through conscious coaching you will:

•    Learn the language of your own heart and how to listen to its guidance.
•    Call forth the authentic dreams of your heart and unfold them in your own natural way, with alignment and integrity
•    Create connection with your community and build nourishing and meaningful relationships
•    Engage with the inevitable transitions that life presents so that you open to the learning and the gifts they hold rather than fearing or resisting them.
•    Develop a healthy relationship with your mind and emotions so they support you rather than undermine you.
•    Receive the encouragement, compassion and accountability you need to reveal your authentic intentions and fulfill your purpose.

The best way for you to know if coaching will benefit you is to try it.  Call me so we can have a conversation about what’s going on for you.  You can ask any questions you may have and we can both see if the fit is right without any obligation for either of us.

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Coaching is offered over the phone or in person. Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are offered in a package of three sessions which can be used at your own pace. Individual 60-minute sessions are also available.

Payment Options:

  1. Pay by credit card here using, a secure site protected by encryption. Simply click on a payment tab below for this option.
  2. Pay by check (for U.S. and Canadian clients) made out to Prema Sheerin or Healing Wisdom.
  3. Pay by international money order or Western Union money transfer made out to Prema Sheerin.

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