Coaching Testimonials

What people have said. . .

 . . . about Prema’s coaching:

Being coached by Prema has been like being held in a deep cocoon of awareness… awareness of possibilities and potential, obstacles and impediments, patterns of mind and thought. All held with great compassion and acceptance. Nurtured by this, I have undergone BIG changes in my life.  Transformations coming steadily, gently, through the tending and nourishment of this space.  

Always, at every turn, honouring who I am, and celebrating and acknowledging every single step. Prema’s been my touchstone and my champion. 

Karen P., Writer

Working with Prema has turned my life around!  Her coaching has helped me to get in touch with what I really want and to begin to create that in a very joyful and magical way.  I am struck by her clarity, her gentleness and her passion to bring out the best in me.  She has guided me to my own inner wisdom and my ability to make wise decisions for myself and also to acknowledge what I have to offer.  

Marianne LeBlanc, Dancer

It has made such a difference to have Prema in my life.  Her coaching is deeply intuitive as well as highly skilled and it has ultimately made me self-sufficient.  And it is so much fun to work with her!!   I didn’t realize that attaining my goals could be so joyful at the same time.  I would say to someone considering working with Prema, “go for it, you deserve it, and it is so worth it!

Catherine Parrish, President of NextLevel Consulting

Reassuring . Empowering . Instinctive. I can rely on Prema to be these things. She is consistently able to bring clarity to my experience and help me find ways to strengthen myself. Prema offers absolute openness and wisdom.  She has a unique spiritual perspective on life that I find very helpful for developing greater clarity and a sense of meaning.  I enjoy the sessions because they are always – yes always – unexpected. There are no rules, except a commitment to being honest and truthful. I love that – it is fun and it is effective and it is a genuine blessing.

Jacqueline Murphy, Writer

Working with Prema has been an invaluable asset to the quality of my life on all levels. Prema hears between the lines and articulates and identifies your unique strengths and needs so beautifully!  I worked with Prema for several years during which she helped me to have a more balanced, fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.  If you really want to make a change in the quality of your life, and make it in such a natural way that it lasts, I highly recommend Prema’s coaching!  

Mary Barnett,  Sphatika International