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The Heart Awareness Journey


Would you like the authentic knowing of your heart to be your guide? Do you feel the call to align with your heart’s vision – your true compass?

We hear so much about “manifesting our dreams”. But how do you know if your dreams are in alignment with your heart’s vision and your true purpose? Many “dreams” are simply desires, born of a sense of lack, and will never create fulfillment – even if realized.

Emotional Wisdom


Would you like to discover the inherent wisdom within your emotions?
Would you like your emotions to be your guide rather than to confuse or mystify you?

Our feelings are a profound source of guidance about how to respond effectively to the situations that life presents. However, in our culture we are taught to label certain emotions “positive” and others “negative” and we learn to subdue uncomfortable feelings or distract ourselves from them. This is the source of much of our depression, suffering and inappropriate behavior. Feeling our emotions and expressing them in a balanced way is an essential part of a healthy life. Our emotions are an integral part of the way we listen to the world and allow ourselves to be guided by the Divine.

Life is made up of change and transition.  To engage with the deep purpose and learning behind the transitions in our life we need practices and skills that support us to listen to the knowing of our heart and to navigate change effectively.  In this way we can allow the world to transform us.

Peaceful Dying Project


In traditional cultures, death was honored as part of life. The elderly were given respect and care by the younger generations, and death itself was a sacred passage to the realm of the ancestors. For those left behind, grieving was recognized as an essential part of the death process, allowing the honoring and letting go of the life that was and cleansing the way for new life to come.

Modern culture has lost touch with this ancient wisdom. Fear, guilt, denial and confusion abound. This disconnection has led to alienation and tremendous suffering for those facing death as well as for those struggling to deal with the loss of loved ones.

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