Women’s Emotional Wisdom

Get Unstuck, Flow with Change and Experience the Divine Guidance of your Emotions


As women, we are often criticized for being “too emotional”, yet feeling and listening to our emotions is a vital part of the intuitive wisdom of the Divine Feminine.


Would you like your emotions to be your guide rather than to confuse or mystify you?


Would you like to join other women at a beautiful location on the Gaviota coast to explore this source of wisdom within us?


Our feelings can be a profoundly effective guide in responding to the situations that life presents. However, as women in our culture we are taught that, if we are angry, we are a ‘bitch’ and, if we are sad or afraid, we are weak. We learn to subdue these so-called “negative” emotions or to distract ourselves from them. If we are not happy, then we can feel that we are failing. This is the source of much of our stress, depression, addiction, and illness. Denying the wisdom of our emotions robs us of the ability to set healthy boundaries, to process the inevitable losses of life and to respond to change with fluidity.


Feeling our emotions and expressing them in a balanced way is essential to our well-being as women.  Our emotions are an integral part of the way we listen to the world and allow ourselves to be guided, both by our cherished values and by the Divine.

“This workshop was deeply transforming for ….my life and my relationships….The tools and knowing Prema provides are timeless and effective life gifts that change and grow as you do.”

Join Prema Sheerin, at an exquisite location on the Gaviota coast, with the presence and blessings of Grandmother Ocean, for this  experiential journey in which you will:


  • Experience the resilience, fluidity, and courage that come from feeling and expressing your authentic emotions.
  • Explore your feelings as a profound form of listening to the world.
  • Reconnect with your emotions as the wise promptings of the heart and your essential Self.
  • Learn how to be with, listen to, and navigate challenging emotions.
  • Recognize how to distinguish between the balanced expression of emotions and those that are amplified by the desires and fears of the ego-mind.
  • Learn how the happiness we long for is a result of living according to our emotionally connected, deeply cherished values, rather than an end in itself.


Where: Santa Barbra, CA

When: Saturday and Sunday June 10th & 11th, 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Tuition:    $225


Workshop plus personal coaching:

For the very best integration of the learning, add 3 personal coaching sessions with Prema. These sessions are offered by phone following the workshop and support you to incorporate the experience of the program into your daily life. These 3 sessions are offered for a total of $150, a 60% reduction of the usual fee, to allow you take advantage of this opportunity.


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Workshop only: $225
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Workshop plus 3 coaching sessions: $375
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What participants have said:


“Prema is a masterful teacher and an extraordinary human being. She lovingly delivers deep wisdom with gentle humor – and a backbone when needed. This workshop was deeply transforming for me, for my life and my relationships. In fact, I have taken it twice, and will again if ever I get the chance. The tools and knowing she provides are timeless and effective life gifts that change and grow as you do. Thank you, Prema, for bringing your powerful work to the world at a time when it is so needed.”

Andi Tilmann


“This workshop has been one of the most useful I have experienced. The simple techniques Prema shared with us are invaluable tools for anyone who feels the call to work on his or her emotions.  Prema is a wealth of wisdom and she imparts that wisdom and insight in such a clear and comprehensive manner.  With playful interludes and with the voice of an angel she led me through some truly profound inner journeys.  I truly wish that many will reap the wonderful rewards of participating in this workshop.”

Wanda Hatfield


“This workshop is powerful and simply beautiful.   I came away with tools that allow me to be with my experience, to bear witness to it, without judgment. It has helped me to listen to my feelings and allow them to inform me in my daily life.   This is such an essential and helpful process.”

Alice Langley


For questions or inquiries about this event, please feel free to contact Prema.