Throw out your New Years resolutions and reveal the Heart’s Intention

Have New Years resolutions worked you?

Would you like to try a more heart-connected and inspiring way to begin the New Year?

What if you gave yourself permission to do away with the dour process of deciding what to be resolved about? As well as the disappointment when you realize, in a few weeks or months, that you’ve forgotten or ignored that resolution. The problem with our resolutions is that they are generally based on something that our mind considers is ‘wrong’ with us and needs to be fixed. So they begin with the assumption that we are flawed. Then our ego-mind attempts to assert discipline and control in order to fix the problem. Finally, when we fail to follow through on this uninspiring project, the resulting sense of failure reinforces the idea that there is something wrong with us.

Of course it is great begin the new year with good intentions and actions so why not replace those lackluster resolutions with something more connected and inspiring: The Heart’s Intention.

Most of us know instinctively that our heart is the source of our deeper guiding wisdom and vision. And yet we have all been taught, since we were toddlers, that we should use our mind to make the decisions (and resolutions) that determine our lives. But what our mind thinks we want or need is very often based on a sense of lack and a desire for anything that will fill that void and make us feel whole.

The heart is already full and connected to the divine presence and direction in our life. When we drop down beneath the yearning, clinging and resistance of the ego-mind, we can reveal the true sense of guidance and the intentions that are based upon our heart-connected values.

As we approach the New Year, you might consider replacing what you think you should resolve to do with what your heart is calling you forth to. And it can be very helpful to be guided through this process. If you would like some support in revealing your heart’s intention you can join me for this two-hour playshop and guided meditation to reveal the guidance of your heart.


Thursday Dec 28th at 8.00 pm eastern / 5.00 pacific or

Sunday Dec 31st at 3.00 pm eastern / noon pacific.

Tuition:            $25

Format:            This program will be offered as a tele-class. You’ll receive call-in information to join the conference. You’ll also receive a recording of the class and the guided meditation afterwards.

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