The Peaceful Dying Project


What Would You Need to Experience a Peaceful Death?


In traditional cultures, death was honored as one of the many sacred passages of life, a doorway ushering us into the realm of the ancestors. For those left behind, grieving was recognized as an essential part of this passage, honoring and letting go of the life that was, while cleansing the way for new life to come.


In modern culture, we have lost touch with this wise perspective on death. Fear and guilt, denial and confusion abound. This disconnection has led to alienation and tremendous suffering for those facing death as well as for those struggling to deal with the loss of loved ones.


How can we return to the perspectives and practices that allow us to relate to death in a balanced way? We can challenge the taboo of death as a “morbid” or “depressing” subject and speak honestly about our feelings and experiences of death. We can recognize death as a community experience as well as an individual journey. We can accept the strong emotions that arise in relation to death and allow them to move us through this powerful transition with grace and dignity.

“This was the kindness act that I could have done for myself! Our conversation about death and dying was centered around life! Since participating in this workshop, I have been more available to live this life!!!”

Join Prema Sheerin for this one-day experiential workshop in which you will:

  • Experience a safe container in which to explore this potent subject that can be a profound teacher for what is important in life.
  • Explore how to be with the powerful emotions that arise in response to death – our own and others.
  • Learn how to communicate with and be present to someone who is facing death.
  • Find out about Funerary Rites, the rituals that are part of all wisdom traditions, which support and guide you or your loved ones’ soul to find it’s way after death.



Workshop plus teleclass:

Consider the option of adding 3 additional follow-up teleclass with Prema, in which you will take care of the documentation that needs to be in place in order for you loved ones to have a peaceful experience of death:

  • Find out the information you need to set up a Living Will or Advanced Directive
  • Consider your wishes relating to the time of your death, your funeral, and what happens to your body.
  • Learn about traditional funerary rites (that are different from the funeral) and how they can benefit the soul.



Where: Malibu, CA

When: Sunday, June 4th, 10.00 AM to 6.30 PM


Workshop Only $125.00 USD
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Workshop plus classes $200.00 USD
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What participants have said about the Peaceful Dying Project:


Prema….guides people with ease, clarity, confidence, and gentleness into a territory that our culture seldom explores. She creates a very safe space for delving into both fear and grief while experiencing the beauty of feeling these emotions, for they bring us more deeply into life.”


“The Peaceful Dying Project….was so helpful in connecting me with my feelings and fears regarding death, while allowing me to share and express them…. I’ve realized that I don’t have to do this alone. By involving my loved ones, the process becomes easier for everyone. I discovered that the thread of community and heartfelt relationship extends into all corners of life experience, including death”


Workshop Only $125.00 USD
Pay Now


Workshop plus classes $200.00 USD
Pay Now


For questions or inquiries about this event, please feel free to contact Prema.