Dream Tending Group with Prema Sheerin

Come on a journey of mystery, magic, wonder, creativity and discovery that can reveal the
deepest longing of our soul and the guidance of our heart. We will meet once a month for six
month to explore the deep wisdom of our dreams. Dream tending is a deep dive into our
relationship with our own soul and the soul of the living world around us. While the figures we
encounter in our dreams may be aspects of our own psyche, dream tending invites us into a
relationship with these beings as souls in their own right.

Many of the beings we meet in our dreams, even the frightening ones, come to us as teachers,
allies, guardians or ancestors. In cultivating connection with them we open to a world of
wisdom, guidance, emotional nourishment and belonging that reverberates through our waking

As we tend these relationships with care and curiosity, we develop a council or cohort of wise
and benevolent beings who empower us to move through our lives with more clarity,
encouragement and inspiration. Whether we are seeking greater direction in our life, meeting
specific challenges or needing healing, this council of allies can become and invaluable support.

We will meet on the 3 rd Sunday of each month beginning Oct 16 from 10 am till noon at Willow
Moon Farm

Price: $125 for 6 sessions.
Payment plan available if needed.