Being Human in times of Great Change

How can I take a stand for the sacredness of all life?

Traditional wisdom and practices to transform the stress, grief and anger of a world out of balance

In these times of great need and change the speed and imbalance of modern culture can feel overwhelming. With so much at stake how can our social and political structures be so divisive and self-serving?  What can I do to take a stand for the sacredness of life? Is there a way to be joyfully human in the face of what is happening all around us? There is a way. A way known for millennia by traditional peoples around the world.


Join us for this one and a half day experiential exploration of traditional shamanic healing perspectives on heart connection, emotional fluidity and sacred action,  

We will gather by the sacred fire and turn our awareness to the guidance of the heart. We will speak our story and illuminate and express our feeling. We’ll turn our eyes and ears to the divine natural world around us for support, guidance and connection.

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